FAQ / Soal jawab


I don’t have a credit/debit card or a PayPal account. Can I still purchase your products?

Of course! Just click on the Inquiry page and state the item’s code you wish to purchase with “Other Payment Method” as the subject title. Don’t forget to provide us with your contact details and we will get back to you via email or phone within 24 hours to work out your order.

Can I still buy the ‘Sold Out’ item(s)?
If you are really interested in the product, you can tell us to restock them just for you way ahead of the restock schedule! Fill the form in the Inquiry page with “I WANT THIS!” as the subject tittle. Premium Products, however will not be restock unless stated. We sell Premium Products as first come first serve. Subscribe to out newsletter to get latest news and updates from us! You will be the first to see our latest products and designs.

How often do you update you products?
Forget seasons, we will update our products regularly that you will lost your mind to choose which one to buy. Fret not, if you buy from us often enough, you will get discount code for your next purchase. If you missed out on certain products that you set your eyes, remember the code (or name) and tell us on our Inquiry page. If you’re lucky, we might made one just for you.We also have special releases, collaborations and Premium Products from time to time, probably outside of our regular update. Check this store often!

Tell me more about your shipping
Well, we take standard charges for postage. Buy from us early and you’ll get your item(s) the next day delivered to your doorstep. Delivery is on the same day for payment made before 12 noon. Don’t be afraid, the postman won’t bite.

What if I want to avoid shipping fees?
We understand that sometimes, the delivery charge are expensive and sometimes doubed the price of your precious item. Worry not, you can pick up from us or plan we we can meet (again, tell us on our Inquiry page) so we can hand-delivered the item right to your hands (and we can talk over mamak or KFC!) You can self collect from my house. Please email for address.

What form of payment are accepted?
We accept every international credit cards through Paypal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, please choose the option “Don’t have a PayPal account” and follow the instructions. Payment via Maybank2u or other e-commerce can bet set up by telling us on Inquiry page and we will tell you want to do and the account number.

If you wish to use other option of payment, please contact us at